There are times and seasons in all of our lives where it feels like, as the  adage says "the wheels fell off."  The stability, structure, momentum, and command we once had of our world seemingly have vanished, leaving us flailing and scrambling to find some sense of balance, strength, and groundedness.

If you are in a time in your life where this describes to a tee just how you're feeling, there's good news for you! It's in these moments, where we're stressed, stretched and wobbling, that God does His best work in stretching and strengthening us beyond our prior limitations.

Sometimes, the things we lean on for strength for a season, become limits for us in the next.  Like a father who removes the training wheels from his son's bicycle, because he knows it's time to learn to balance and ride on two wheels, God will often draw us into a season of life where the wheels come off, and by his guidance, grace, and love, we learn to ride a new, better, more freeing way.

Here's what you need to know when the wheels come off.