Hey! Thanks for stopping by the site. I hope you find the resources here helpful and encouraging, and that God blesses you through any messages or posts you may encounter.

To help give you some context into what you’re watching, hearing or reading here on the site, here’s a little about me. I live in Saint John, New Brunswick, with my wife Melanie, and our three kids—Ava, Aden and Alexander. I love spending time with them, and I love being a part of Kings Church. My family, and Kings Church, get the vast majority of my time, effort, energy and passion. With the spare time I do have, you’ll find me playing basketball in the Saint John area men’s league, fishing with my fishing buddies, or golfing.

I am a passionate Toronto Raptors fan. I believe Michael Jordan is the GOAT (no debate), and I dislike hockey on a number of levels (sorry to my fellow Canadians).

I believe the best movies come in trilogies (Star Wars originals, LOTR, Matrix), Canadian bacon is not a thing in Canada (sorry to my American friends), and I have a strong dislike for social media, even though I’m told I need to use it… I’ll do my best.

Above all, I love Jesus. He has, and continues to, change everything for me. I long to see Him, fear Him and trust Him as my Risen Lord, and to know Him, love Him and enjoy Him as a friend closer than a brother. I hope that, through it all, my life continues to reflect His grace, glory and goodness as He continues to release it to me.

May His Love meet and lift you today.

"Brent is one of the leaders who gives me so much hope for the future of the Gospel not just in Canada, but for the next generation. Brent’s work and Brent’s influence are a huge encouragement to me."
- Carey Nieuwhof, Author and Founding Pastor, Connexus Church

"Brent is a magnetic leader and thinker. His authentic yet intellectual way of communicating the gospel are just two of the many reasons he is reaching a post-Christian culture in a way that few others are. I know him as a friend and what inspires others from afar continues to inspire me from up close."
- Joshua Gagnon, Lead Pastor of Next Level Church and author of "It’s Not Over"

"From the first time I met Brent I was impressed with him. Not because he leads a large and growing church. Not because he is a young leader who believes that the future is bright regardless of the church history in his area. I am impressed because he is dedicated to holiness and a personal passion for knowing the heart and mind of the Father. Brent is a leader I want to follow because he is humble and postured for personal renewal that leads to Church renewal."
- Shaila Visser, Global Senior Vice-President, Alpha International and National Director, Alpha Canada

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