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I will be using this site as a platform to release content that I hope you will find helpful, encouraging, challenging, or at the very least, a worthwhile read.

There will be a wide range of content and resources posted weekly to this blog. It will include everything from discussions and Q&A’s with friends and colleagues, further thoughts on sermons, mini messages, devotional content—basically, anything and everything that has been occupying my heart and my mind of late.

Alongside the content I get to develop for my preaching and teaching role at Kings Church, I am looking forward to covering a wide range of topics and conversations here on the blog, some of which that I’d never be able to cover in a preaching context: topics that I find interesting, and that are ministering to me, and that I hope will do the same for you. One of my main intentions with this site is to provide some rhythmic and consistent encouragement for my readers through a short Monday morning devotional called, "The Monday Minute" and a Wednesday blog post or video. 

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Now, before you tune out and say, “disciplines..pfft..boring”, hear me out: We are currently living in one of the most unique times in human history.

Today’s unique zeitgeist is the perfect storm. Not only do we live in the digital age, where information, opportunity, and opinion oversaturate our devices and, subsequently, our minds. But, on top of that, for the first time in human history, we are a global community, where every culture and ideology is clashing and bouncing in this open market of ideas and agendas. Then, there’s the reality of a time where the world is on continued lockdown, with social and physical restraints because of the Covid-19 pandemic, just to add a little more fury to the storm.

In other words, in a time where we are swimming in unchartered waters, virtually drowning in the digital, collective, yet fragmented influence of this age, we are also having to deal with the fact that many of the old stabilizers we used to use to traverse the waters of life, community, gatherings, leisure, school, sports, exercise, routine, work, and income have all disappeared. If only there were some things we could take hold of that could help us find our balance, and gain some traction in these difficult times. This is where the disciplines come in. Christians throughout the millennia have practiced time-tested, famine-tested, recession and depression-tested, pandemic-tested, persecution-tested, and basically any other “tested” you can think of—practices that God has given us to help bring HIS power into OUR lives.

This is what the disciplines are: tools that build our lives in the power, presence and reality of GOD.

I wonder, in a time where we have drifted further away from stability than ever before if this is not time to rediscover these timeless truths; to gain some traction, and to recover some power over the chaos of our times.

I want to invite you to join me as we look at the different spiritual disciplines over the next several weeks, investigating each one, and uncovering practical steps to use these tools in our lives each week.

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