When it comes to conflict, usually one of two things happen. Either you pick up the bucket of water to help put the fire and tension out or choose the bucket of gas and make the fire bigger and worse. 

Today on the podcast, we talk about the last marriage principle in the book The Second Happy by Kevin Myers. Mike and Colleen MacNeil join Mel and me to talk about conflict and de-escalating things rather than adding fuel to the fire.

Conflict is a natural part of any relationship, whether it be with your friends, co-workers, or spouse. The challenge is choosing to work together to put the fire out, see the conflict as an area of growth, and then compromise and settle the conflict. Adding gas to the fire of conflict only leaves someone burned and can result in more damage than originally intended.

I hope that as you listen to this conversation, you are inspired and moved by Mike and Colleen's wisdom and passion, just as I was. You are in for a real treat.