We have all been in a situation where there are clear elephants in the room. Whether it is with friends, co-workers, strangers or our spouse, there are moments we can ignore the obvious, and usually awkward, things to avoid conflict or making things uncomfortable. However, it almost always makes things more awkward and damaging when we ignore those things than if we had addressed them right away. 

Today on the podcast, we have week six of our Couples Therapy series, where we talk with different couples about the marriage principles found in the book The Second Happy by Kevin Myers. Adam and Julie Brewer share their story of God's redemptive work in their marriage as they struggle through addiction, relapse, and other "elephants" they have had to address.

It can be hard work to address the big things, but once they come to light and are removed, there is much more space for a healthy relationship. I hope this conversation proves that and gives you the courage to bring up the elephants you see within your relationships.