Everybody has a kingdom. Whether big or small, we all have influence over things in our life. The question is whether or not we will invite God's kingdom into our own, and yield it to what God wants to do in and through us.

We continue the discussion of The Lord's Prayer today as Dan Lamos and Anthony Moore join me to talk about the kingdom of God, and it's influence in our lives. This part of the prayer focuses and reorients us to see His kingdom's rule and reign on Earth as in Heaven. The best part? When we do choose to align with His kingdom daily, there is nothing greater. We start to feel His love for us and allow Him to make us more like Christ.

I believe you'll leave this conversation with a greater sense of His love and will for your life, and be excited about the possibilities that come with aligning your kingdom with God's.

You can find the blog post this episode is about here: Thy Kingdom Come